Video Communication with Screenr

Below is my midterm presentation for Introduction to Emerging Technologies (98908) at the University of Manitoba. Please be aware that this presentation should run itself once you click the arrow, and it does have audio attached. There’s a bit of a pause before it gets going, too. Any feedback or comments are welcome!

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3 thoughts on “Video Communication with Screenr

  1. Toni says:

    Thanks Leah for telling us about screenr, it sounds like a great tool. Would you say that you prefer screenr to Jing? If so is it because you do not have to download the application?


  2. La Donna says:

    Great job, Leah

    It’s amazing how many programs are out there that can help us perform screen capture functions that include adding and/or recording audio/video.

    I am glad that you mentioned all the other tools you can use with Screenr and the ones you ‘need’ to be familiar with if you want to make it demonstrate your screen capture as a video.

    Personally, I find that some ‘so-called’ easy to use tools are easy up until the point you want them to be embedded somewhere else that is not YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter.

    Maybe I’m the only one who experiences this problem!? ;p

    Is it possible to make a list of all those other programs you mentioned at the end of your presentation?

    I think I need to explore them further!

    Thanks again.

    La Donna

  3. Maria says:

    Thank, Leah for sharing this product! Very nice presentation!

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