Projects with Visualizing data

Infographics for State of Poverty report

I designed the information graphics used in the 2016 State of Poverty report, under the direction of the client to “make cartoon-y” images.      

Shooting your business thru the foot

A few weeks ago, I received an email from a local research organization whose subject line and title was something akin to “Understanding Your Community Thru Historical Data.” I know my grammar and usage; I do a lot of copy editing for a variety of academic and research organizations. So I’m a stickler about being […]

Student Debt in Ohio

An infographic about the problem of student loan debt

State of Poverty 2012

State of Ohio 2012: The challenge was to create a report that would be visually interesting for a public audience while also providing legislators with county-level data they want.

Why teach academic vocabulary?

For an educational publisher, I was asked to provide an infographic answer to the question “why teach academic vocabulary?”

Final Personal Learning Environment

I really like the CMap tool, which I’ve used before. I like the fact that the links can be labeled and thus clarify the relationships between the concepts (usually via verbs). In addition, it’s easily used to convey information but also to organize it because each concept is a kind of container. You can add […]