Language arts database

I created ZBLASt using FileMaker Pro (10-11) to house the language arts curriculum standards for all states (and Washington, DC, as well as some territories) for grades PreK-8. Prior to the Common Core State Standards, each state had its own set of standards on which it based its state assessments and general curriculum. Each state used different organizing features, numbering systems, language, and tools for its standards, and the database was designed to both display and export workable files.

I created a system that was easy to use for editors and that also provided the ability (as shown in this short clip) for robust database queries. In this example, the original database of standards was linked to another database with index terms developed by the editorial team. This allowed editors to link standards in each grade under specific categories for product development and sales efforts. I created the system so that it would be quite easy to use. In other projects, I used the ZBLASt database to output worksheets for correlators (people who identify by page number when a particular textbook meets a particular state standard). I was responsible for managing and updating as needed when states updated their standards.



Tools:  •  FileMaker Pro   •  Excel   •  Academic research databases 

Skills:  •  Research   •  Publishing/prepress   •  Planning and structuring   •  Educational products   •  Database publishing